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may 26 update - golf CANCELLED tonight. No change to the schedule for next week - we will make it up later in the year.

May 26

Updated handicaps attached if your GHIN is associated with Baker.  If not, you  app.

Check back for any weather updates today. As always, a final go/no go decision will be made by 3 pm.  

May 22

Results from the 4-3-2 event are now posted.  Team 8 won a close one via tiebreaker on hole #12.

Baker staff has been having some issues merging GHINs for those of you that have multiple GHINs.  Please be patient - hope to have it finalized by next week.  However, as I've said, the GHIN app is awesome; you have your handicap available to you. 

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

May 15

Sorry for the delay in posting results - technical issues with the browser.  Results for Round Robin Week 2 are now posted.

Team Event next week will be the 4-3-2 event.  Rules are posted on the EVENTS page.  

Everyone has a GHIN # establshed but I'm seeing that folks are not posting scores.  PLEASE post your adjusted scores ASAP for all rounds you play - whether at Baker or anywhere else.  Regardless whether you are a full time member or a sub, you are required to maintain a handicap.  If you have questions please call me at 612-597-1630.  

The GHIN app is turning out to be a must-have in order to post your scores and get your course-adjusted handicap.  I recommend everyone uses the hole-by-hole feature on the app - it will automatically adjust your score for you.  Even though this league is about fun and enjoying the game of golf, we want to make sure we have fair and equitable competition between us.

Enjoy the warmer weather.  Karl

May 11

Everyone should now be set up with their GHIN. See report on Tee Times page.  Remember, please use the GHIN app to calculate your course handicap.


May 7

News from the staff at Baker National:


As we get the 2020 golf leagues started, I want to mention that we all need to be aware of our actions in the building as well as outside the building. 


There has been more gathering in the parking lot before and after league play. We are currently in a situation that we need to try to encourage league players to arrive at the course shortly before their scheduled tee time, and should be leaving the course as soon as possible after the round. At this time golf courses in Minnesota have been ordered to stop alcohol sales for the immediate future.  This does not change the fact that players cannot bring their own beer, wine, or spirits. 

Any help getting the word out to your players would be very much appreciated.

May 6

Good to see everyone last night.  Thanks for your patience and flexibility as we work through the kinks of what golf will be like for the near future.  Round Robin standings from Week 1 are now posted.

April 29, 2020

Hello.  If you are viewing this website and interested in joining this league there are no openings for this golf season.  Please check back next March for any openings for the 2021 season. Thank you. 

League members, we are all set to start the 2020 season next Tuesday, May 5th.  Instead of typing out results, etc. within this website every week, which I have historically done, I will likely just be publishing updated pdfs for you to review.  This  should be much easier to manage. 

Tee times for the entire season are posted on the TEE TIMES tab.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Please remember to practice social distancing and respect the rules set forth by the club house and our governor.
  • There will be no proxies this season in order to minimize contact.
  • Riding carts should only be used if necessary. There are a limited number available, and there is no guarantee one will be available to you.


President Karl




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